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Glass Fitting Tools

June 6th. 2014

There are many various types of watch glass, the unbreakable i.e. acrylic, mineral glass and sapphire. They can be either round or shaped, with almost infinite number of different sizes, from the smallest ladies wrist watch to the large pocket watch, so much variety. 

Thus the requirement of many different tools for fitting glass to a watch. 

The main tool in my workshop is French made tool set named Robur.

The press is operated with a screw, threaded to give strength and fine enough to allow use of controlled amount of force.

The basic set of dies for mounting acrylic watch glass is made of bakelite, hard enough to do the work but at the same time safe for use in sense that they will not scratch the glass while fitting it.
Dies come in pairs, one piece is concave and other is convex. 

The convex die is lined with felt, being one that is used to push the glass from the inner side so that when it slightly flexes the outer diameter is reduced and glass can snap in its place.

For removing and fitting of the armoured watch glass, ones with the tension ring, usually found on water resistant watches there is another set of dies. 

Concave dies are made of aluminium and convex are made of bakelite.

Inside the cover there is short description of how these dies are used for removal of old armoured glass and for fitting a new one.
As any other watchmaker's workshop this one also has several different tool sets, acquired over many years, used for fitting armoured watch glass. 

Press was designed to be used mounted in the bench vice.

It is a simple lever operated tool, Swiss made with quality nickel plated brass dies, sizes 18-35 mm in diameter, in steps of 0.50 mm. 

Several dies are intended for use with the particular watch cases produced by IWC. 

This Chinese made press is intended to be bench mounted, or just hand held.

Either of the tools, Swiss or Chinese as well as the Robur press can use Delrin dies, flat or concave, for the  insertion of flat mineral glass. 

Concave dies can also be used for closing watches with snap-on case backs. 

Also, there are several tools known as "claw" or "crab".

The most easy to use and the most safe, one that will not leave scratches on the watch glass circumference is the Electro-vise, made by an American watch glass manufacturer.

Although, not as yet acquired by myself, it is probably worth noting how Robur have produced a four piece accessory set for use in repair and adjustment of watch bracelets.

Set consists of three pushers and a bracelet holder that fit standard Robur press. 

Perhaps I shall make similar  set of my own if need does arise.

Rudolf Flume "Ultra Ringe" tool set for fitting and removing of Ultra - D watch crystals.

Used for fitting and for removing unbreakable watch crystals in the size range of 200/10 - 325/10 mm with 5/10 mm step. 

The base of the tool case serves as the holder for crystals, which are placed in the recessed section of the corresponding size. 

When the ring is squizzed with pliers it will hold crystal leaving its bottom exposed enough for placing it securely in the bezel.

Rings are designed in a way that one cannot squash the crystal by excessively squizzing the pliers.  


Mido Ocean Star Speciality glass fitting/removing tool.

Designed for Mido series of water resistant watches where the movement can be accessed only by removing tension ring crystal.

There are similar tools made for many brands of water resistant watches, like Omega, Tissot, Seiko and many other.


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