Pivot Drilling in WW Lathe

Typical tailstock set-up for drilling in Boley & Leinen  WW style lathe.
Note two tailstock drilling runners with centring plates mounted then two additional centring plates where each enables drilling different size pivot holes  and three drill holding runners plus one  centring runner.
Detailed view of Centring Plates that clearly shows tapered holes that hold the arbour while drilling it.
Close up view of drill holding runners and a centring runner.

One runner is shown with a 1.0 mm spiral drill bit in it.

The method of holding a drill bit is plain friction, where a drill bit enters a runner about 1/4 to 1/3 of its length. Note a shape of the drill bit holder. It is so shaped that it can easily be adjusted for friction as the diameter is reduced so that it can be altered from outside, not unlike a cannon pinion on watches.



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