Last update May 3rd. 2016

Watchmaker's Timing Machine 

May 3rd. 2016

When repairing watches one needs an accurate timing machine which can show the exact time keeping of the watch. 

For this purpose I am using Vibrograf B200 timing machine made by Greiner.

It is capable of timing almost all mechanical movements.

B200 traces printout showing normal work and few typical faults found in mechanical watches when timed.


Of course, I am using the Portescap Gradoscop GD 47 in combination with B200, in order to avoid guessing of the balance wheel amplitude. 

The MP 86 microphone stand, the GD-47 and B200 are connected in series, so that the reading of amplitude is available at the same time when timing the movement. 

No workshop would ever be complete without the ability to time the tuning fork, and all other quartz watches.

Thus, use of universal, quartz generation, watch timing machine, the Vibrograf M80. 

It is also capable of timing mechanical watches.



1 -   Vibrograf B200 User manual - German language
2 -   Vibrograf B200 User manual - English language

3 -  

Gradoscop GD-47 Movement Listing - BPH and Lift angles 

 4 -  

Vibrograf M80 User manual - English language



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