Dead Centre Turning & Pivoting Set-up of

Favorite II - 8mm Lathe

Dead centre turning & pivoting accessories, the two of the newly made centres (in front). 

Note the decentring adaptor for headstock assembly. 

Two of the new pivoting centres, a male and a safety female, viewed close up.
Headstock pivoting assembly where pulley is mounted with the decentring adaptor ready to place in 8 mm collet with female taper in the lathe headstock.

Pivoting assembly mounted in headstock (locked by the front indexing pin) with the 8mm collet adaptor and balance staff held by new female safety centre on the headstock side less the lathe dog.

Note the thread (M16x1.5) on the nose of the headstock spindle,  used for mounting 3 or 6 jaw scroll chuck and other accessories.

Same as above, showing  balance staff resting on a utility tailstock mounted drum, with whole of the set-up rotated from 12 o'clock to a 3 o'clock position.

Note the protective cap  screwed on the headstock spindle.

Front indexing by 12 
Back indexing by 48 & 60, also the spindle is extended on the back to accept the accessory dividing plate. Bellow the spindle there is place for mounting of the indexing arm or the dividing head.

Bergeon  # 1766-34A

Combined Runner with slide

The idea that I gave up fast (for the time being).



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